About the Youth House (aka The Dads Club)…


On May 26th, 1957, due to the efforts of 275 local families and generous gifts of local businesses, the dads of Verdugo Woodlands built a youth house for the children of the community. Since that time, the Youth House, better known as The Dads Club, has been home to Scouts, Pancake Breakfasts, Little League meetings, orchestra practice, special classes and educational programs, cultural art activities, set building and rehearsal for the Father’s Follies and numerous other events.

It serves as a meeting and gathering place for countless community activities. It is available for rental to all groups and organizations. It has been used for corporate meetings, weddings, birthday parties, fund raising events and more.

It has a main room that is approximately 40’ x 80’, a stage, a dance floor, a fireplace and a kitchen with stove, oven and refrigerator.