The Dads Club Foundation has been created to be the fundraising arm of the Dads. Club. As you can imagine it takes a lot of work, money and volunteer hours to maintain a facility of such size and stature. It’s common to have over 1000 kids come through the Dads Club. Sometimes it’s daily, sometimes it’s weekly. It’s still a lot for a volunteer organization to maintain. That’s why we need you. While the Dads Club is a volunteer organization, like everyone else we have bills to pay for all those mundane things like heat, air conditioning, electricity, not to mention the exciting improvements like the community courtyard, and the programs that the Dads Club sponsors like the Robotics Club and the Arts Class. When you purchase a brick for the Community Courtyard, you are contributing to the important work and longevity that the Dads Club has been know for. Our “Community Courtyard” will be constructed to celebrate the countless volunteers and families who share an ongoing commitment to the preservation of the VW Dads’ Club, also known as the Youth House, built by the community in 1957. The purchase of a brick will help fund the beautification project and improvement efforts through the Dads’ Club Foundation. 4×8 $125.00 8×8 $250.00 12×12 $500.00 (Friends of the Foundation Garden) (Custom Logo Bricks)

Please visit our Order Page to purchase a brick today. 

For more information email us at vwdc.treasurer@gmail.com

DC Foundation

Thanks for stopping by the Dads Club Foundation.  When you buy our fundraising bricks you ensuring the future of the Dads Club. The money that we raise via Brick Sales goes back into the Dads Club facility for improvements and repairs.