Welcome to the Verdugo Woodlands Dads’ Club. We are a 501c3 Non Profit organization that is dedicated to the children and families of the Verdugo Woodlands and the City of Glendale. We offer several after school programs to the kids including Drama, Robotics, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Chorus, Music and much more.


I am raising this money for the Dads Club back area where we will be making a patio.

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Dads’ Club Patio Eagle Project

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Where The Money Goes

This fund will make sure we have the materials for the build, food, and other things as such.

When Do We Need The Money?

I will need these funds by September 3

Why Should You Support This Project?

This support will mean a lot to me it will help me help the Dads Club and help the school right next door.

Blood Drive At The Dad’s Club

The Dads’ Club is hosting a blood drive at the DC on September 10th from 1-7pm. 

Who Should Attend?

We invite the community to join in!  We would like each one of you to sign up for an appointment to make a blood donation.

Sign Up For The Blood Drive

It’s very simple. Go to:


Enter: Dadsclub in the upper right hand corner under find a blood drive and sign up.

When Should I Sign Up?

Please start signing up today and send the info to others.

About The Dads Club

Learn more about the Dads Club. Our history and tradition is all about the Kids, The Community and Our Commitment!

Fathers' Follies

Rumored to be the oldest, continually run PTA Fundraiser in the United States, Fathers’ Follies is always a great source of a good laugh and the best possible way to meet your neighbors.


Check out the Dads Club Calendar to see our availability for rentals and to see what’s going on!

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