Please read this entire post as it affects everyone at Verdugo Woodlands Elementary who uses the Dads’ Club – which is everyone!

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]dcfinancials[/custom_frame_left] First and foremost, we need to make sure everyone understands that the Dads’ Club (DC) is a completely separate entity from Verdugo Woodlands Elementary School (VWE). The DC is not the school’s auditorium, we are a separate non-profit organization with 501c3 status. Over the years we have worked hard to provide a space that would benefit this community, VWE being one of the main groups that utilizes the DC, along with the boy scouts, cub scouts, and girl scouts as well as other community organizations. We want what you do, and that is to enhance the lives of our kids by providing a safe and clean environment where great things can happen.

From what we know, fathers’ involvement in elementary education in any community is very special, and perhaps this community is unique in that regard. We need to protect and cherish that. We don’t know if it’s a bunch of guys acting, singing, dancing, or flipping pancakes, but it seems to be a magical mix for kids to know their dad is involved.

In the spirit of collaboration and moving forward, and because we all have the same goals of making this community a good place for our kids, the DC board proposed that PTA and WAVE each contribute 5k towards our projected annual operating costs of $22,846.

To bring everyone up to speed – 3 years ago, we had a tenant, the Pond church, who paid monthly rent that covered our operating costs as well as improvements to the facility. That rental amount allowed every activity except for orchestra, to use the facility for free. The Pond left because we didn’t have AC. We have tried to get them back as well as engaging in multiple efforts to secure a regular tenant, which we are still working on. As a result, we have been shouldering the operating costs exclusively. So . . . . all of the activities that we used to be able to offer for free now have a price tag.

Some have questioned our ability to manage our facility, which has been thriving in this community for 57 years since 1957. Some have questioned our financials, and as a result, we have posted our financials and operating costs on our website Here is a link to the specific financials post We are all volunteers, and this is what we choose to work with.

We are not asking for community involvement on how to run our legally established non-profit organization but want to be transparent. If you see something that upsets or bothers you, please ask to be put on the agenda at our next meeting. We have NEVER turned anyone down who has requested to talk with us. We love VWE and we love this community. We also need to make decisions to keep the financial stability of the DC, and we are considering several options to make that happen.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

-The Dads’ Club Board of Directors